Is there a minimum order for cakes?

YES- all cakes orders are a minimum of 105$ CAD 


Do you do dessert tables or wedding favors?

NO - we do not offer dessert tables ( special set up/extra stands,dishes or utensils, signs or bags) but in addition to cakes, we also offer mini donuts, sugar cookies and cake gems , which could ordered and used towards your dessert table.

  YES-  Any item on our list of treats can be personalized and packaged as a wedding/celebration favor.

Do you offer non fondant cakes?

YES- Fondant, Buttercream finish or Naked cakes; whichever your heart desires!

I only like to serve a small number of people but I would like to have an incredible tall-looking cake, how should I go about doing that?

You may choose to only have 1 real cake tier, and all other tiers to be dummies (Styrofoam) allowing your grand design to be brought forward. Price will still be dependent on the cake design, and if you go for some dummy tiers the price will be lower as compared to it being all real tiers.

What is the lead time to make an order?

At least 2 month, we take orders 1 year in advance.
For an exquisitely designed cake, ordering between 3 – 6 months in advance is the best; loads of time to discuss about details, book the slot (as full reservation only occurs when the 50% deposit is received) and to create your cake. The more time in between equals more time on the design!

What is the standard size per each serving of cake?

All our cake tiers will be 4.5” tall. The standard industry size of each serving for wedding cakes is measured 1” x 1” x 4.5” tall.